Centre for Defence Strategies is a Ukrainian security think tank. Before February 24, 2022 we were involved in security studies, policy research and public diplomacy with a goal to enhance security in Ukraine, which has been countering Russia’s aggression for 8 years since 2014.

Led by the Board of the prominent Ukrainian and international experts, we have collected a powerful team and became a leading Ukrainian security research organisation.

On February 24th, 2022 Russian Federation has attacked Ukraine with a full-scale invasion. A new war that has begun already costing thousands of lives, enormous people’s suffering and devastations, as well as refugees flee to Europe. This war is the largest security crisis in Europe since World War II. We have preserved our team and analytical capacity and are fully devoted to stopping this war and bring peace back to our land and Europe.

We continue to do policy advising, expert communication and public advocacy both for Ukrainian and international audiences.

We work daily with media doing multiple engagements. Our experts are regularly featured in the leading international channels and publications. We help international media, observers and experts understand Ukraine and this war better.

We also provide security assessments advising businesses about the current situation in Ukraine.

For media and other requests please contact us at: office@defence.org.ua or fill the contact form.

Social media: Facebook (Ukrainian), Twitter (English, @defence_centre).

CDS is a non-partisan, non-profit and non-government organisation funded by donations. You can support us here.

You can find detailed information about us, our team and our research before Feb 24, 2022 on our old website, including presentation and selected reports.