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  • Russia’s Aggression and Genocide Against the Ukrainian People. Mechanisms for Recognition and Justice

    Download in PDF Russia’s Aggression and Genocide Against the Ukrainian PeopleMechanisms for Recognition and Justice October 2022 ABSTRACT CONTENT Forward Part 1: RecognitionThe meaning and utility of recognition before a justice processDiscrimination against ethnic minority groups in RussiaPolitical and diplomatic constraints on recognitionAdvocacy Part 2: Justice ProcessesAggressionGenocideDetention of suspectsPunishment and compensation Conclusion FOREWORD This paper

  • Tribunal for Russia unofficially supported by up to 16 countries

    The creation of a Special Tribunal to prosecute the Russian Federation for crimes of aggression requires political will, and the number of countries that support the establishment of the tribunal is growing. Source: Andrii Kostin, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, in an interview to Interfax-Ukraine Quote: “Due to legal restrictions, the International Criminal Court cannot examine the case

  • Ukraine: civilian casualty update 23 June 2022

    From 4 a.m. on 24 February 2022, when the Russian Federation’s armed attack against Ukraine started, to 24:00 midnight on 22 June 2022 (local time), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recorded 10,465 civilian casualties in the country: 4,662 killed and 5,803 injured. This included: Most of the civilian casualties

  • Letters written, tanks in position as battle for Lysychansk looms

    LYSYCHANSK, Ukraine — With Russian forces massed just across the river, Valentina Danko leaned over a pool of candlelight and wrote letters to her children. They had left months ago, but she chose to stay in her hometown and has lived in a dark school basement for 116 days. “Everything is fine with me,” she

  • Vladimir Putin’s war to crush Ukraine is part of a long Kremlin tradition

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine is bringing back memories of earlier attempts by the Kremlin to extinguish Ukrainian statehood aspirations and crush the country. As Putin’s invasion force intensifies the destruction of Ukrainian towns and cities, the war offers alarming echoes of past Russian aggression towards Ukraine and provides the strongest clue as to how

  • Russia Planning Post-Invasion Arrest and Assassination Campaign in Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say

    Intelligence on possible targets has been shared with Ukraine and other partners in the region. The United States has obtained intelligence that Russia may target prominent political opponents, anti-corruption activists, and Belarusian and Russian dissidents living in exile should it move forward with plans to invade Ukraine, as U.S. President Joe Biden warned on Thursday



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