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Peter Pomerantsev: “Russia’s obsession with manipulating information is both its strength and flaw”

“They never consider information as something of value in itself. They don’t believe in communication between people because they don’t think people are capable of analyzing and making decisions. They see people as a passive mass that can be manipulated. And in a sense, that means that they invest a lot of money in information warfare, but maybe that’s their Achilles’ heel. So I think that the fact that Russian propaganda is so concerned with information is its strength, but also its weakness.”

In the new episode of the “(Un)Safe Country” podcast, its irreplaceable host Alina Frolova has a conversation with Peter Pomerantsev, a British journalist, one of the most prominent figures in Western countries who speaks about propaganda and researches russia. We talk about information and how it affects war, about Ukraine’s ability to respond democratically to the russian information warfare machine and ideology, about how democracies can convince the masses, about information Rammstein and journalistic ethics in times of war.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda