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Stephen Gethins: “Putin is the worst strategist in the world at the moment. All of his strategic goals have failed”

As for Russia’s warfare strategy, it is known for being brutal, maximalist, a strategy that they have recently honed in Syria. It has bombarded Ukraine with missiles and artillery on a scale unseen in Europe for decades, hitting civilian objects from apartment buildings and theaters to schools and hospitals, resulting in the deaths of 6,919 civilians, according to the UN Human Rights Office, between 2022 and January 2023.

How does the situation on the front line now resemble World War I and why would Russia’s war strategy not have been swift and overwhelming from the start?

In the new episode of the “(Un)Safe Country” podcast, we talk about international relations, war strategies of the past and present, and peace with Hugh Strong, Professor of International Relations at the University of St. Andrews, Stephen Gethins, Practitioner Professor at the School of International Relations, and Sevgil Musayeva, Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainska Pravda.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda