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На шляху до Вашингтонського саміту НАТО 2024 року – аналітична записка

The aspiration of Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization constitutes a strategic objective; however, the delineation of specific timelines for accession remains unattainable at present. Ukraine, in collaboration with NATO, is committed to undertaking all requisite measures to bolster cooperation within the framework of planned integration. These measures encompass Ukraine’s adoption of Alliance standards as well as participation in collaborative programs and initiatives.

The Washington NATO Summit in July 2024 presents a fresh opportunity for the NATO member-states to reassess their approach toward understanding these challenges. The victory of Ukraine hinges on the decisions made by its allies in the coming months.

The objectives of this Policy Brief are to (a) better inform Ukrainian decision makers on how Ukrainian expert civil society sees the future of the NATO Washington summit agenda for Ukraine; (b) present a vision of the Ukrainian expert community for the EU/NATO expert community; (c) engage in a constructive dialogue with the EU/NATO expert community to foster mutual understanding and collaboration in addressing the security challenges faced by Ukraine and the broader European region; (d) advocate for a unified and coherent approach among EU/NATO member states towards supporting Ukraine’s security and reform efforts, particularly in light of ongoing hostilities and Russian aggression.
In the format of the key points to the NATO member-states governments, this Policy Brief presents a Ukrainian expert view on answering the following questions:

  1. What steps should Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, and Brussels take to maintain the United States’ interest in Ukraine’s path to NATO membership?
  2. What does Ukraine need to achieve victory over Russia, and how can the transatlantic community support Kyiv in the lead-up to the NATO Summit in Washington if an invitation is not extended directly at the summit?
  3. As Ukraine transitions to a strategic defense posture and no decisive breakthrough has occurred in the air war, how can this be changed?

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