Centre for Defence Strategies

With all the revisionist ambitions in play, Russia is not demonstrating any steps towards “stable and predictable relations” with the USA by campaigning against its efforts to promote the liberal world order. The official Moscow is engaged in subversive campaigns against the EU, which is yet another opponent in its attempts to restore the dominating influence over the European continent.

This research provides an overview of the “operational battle map” and investigates possible ways of countering the aggressive policy that undermines the global right to freedom of navigation. Ukraine still has a lot of “homework” to pursue, although this should not be the reason for delaying the development of further cooperation with countries inside and outside of the region.

Freedom of navigation is a universal principle and a value worth preserving in the interests of a majority of the international community. Therefore, Ukraine should actively engage the international partners to oppose Russia’s policy of obstructing the freedom of navigation as well as undertaking other malicious and dangerous activities. The freedom of navigation in the Eastern Hemisphere could not be established while its violators in the Western Hemisphere are left unchallenged.